Setting up a ZMOK Node

Nexus Tools Pass holders can all set up a free node with ZMOK

ZMOK provides high-performance and speed-oriented nodes. Having a node allows you to send transactions faster. For high-demanding drops or sniping, you can upgrade to Front-running by ZMOK, so your transactions will be picked by Builders & Validators around the world almost immediately and processed by one of them for the newest block.


Step 1

First, go to the Node tab on the Nexus Webpage. You will be presented with the page below.

Step 2

Click on Show Node You will be prompted with a signature request. Sign it. This allows us to authorize your endpoint!

After you have signed and our backend has authorized your account, your node endpoint will appear in the text box.

The endpoint is not gated to your Nexus Pass so please DO NOT SHARE. If you accidentally leak it, you can regenerate a new one on the dashboard by clicking Get new link

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