Nexus Tools provide desktop notifications, so you can be alerted when a collection has reached a predetermined pending transaction count - even when leaving the webapp idle. This feature is beneficial as it saves you from having to manually keep an eye on the volume chart when you are occupied with other tasks.

Desktop Notification

This feature requires that you leave the website open, idle or not. Currently we support watching pending transactions count, but in later updates we will allow watching other stats as well!

Allowing Permission

It is required that you give your browser permission to send desktop notifications.

When you navigate to the notification tab, you will be presented with configuration settings. The permission is set to default, meaning you have not granted or denied desktop notifications. To be prompted with an approval message, click "Request", then click "Allow". Once you allow, you need to refresh the website!


Enabling notification

Simply toggle the active button on and off

Pending Threshold

Set the minimum pending transaction count to receive notifications. The minimum is 1. Click "Set" to confirm.

There is a 5 minute cooldown on each collection. For example, if collection xyz hits your pending count threshold, it'll have to wait 5 minutes before hitting it again.

Notification History

On the same page, a history of collections that reached the pending transaction count threshold can be viewed.

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