Multi Wallet Auto Mint Guide

In this tutorial, we will introduce how to set up wallets and mass auto mint


There are two methods to set up wallets in Nexus: creating new burners and adding them manually.

Creating fresh wallets

The Wallet page allows you to create any amount of new Ethereum wallets by simply clicking the Create Wallet button. Doing so will also automatically enable them for use during autotasks.

Adding Manually

If you already have existing burner wallets, Nexus will allow you to add them manually by clicking the Add Wallets button. You will be prompted to input your private keys in order to use those wallets during autotask.

The input format is a single private key per line (no spaces)

Funding Wallets

At the moment, you can send ethereum to the burners wallets like you would with any other wallets. Soon, we will roll out distributing funds and recollecting funds. Distributing funds will allow you to quickly split ethereum between multiple wallets and recollecting funds will allow those wallets to send its entire balance to a single wallet.

Selecting wallets to use

You can select which wallets to have task created for when you click the autotask button in the feed page. There is a column called Active, enabling it will allow a task to be created for that specific wallet and vice versa.


Creating Tasks

In the feed page and under the Mint Now panel, you will see an autotasks button. Clicking this will create a task for each wallet that are enabled in the Wallet page. The newly created tasks will be shown in the Tasks page.

Running Tasks

Running a task essentially means sending a transaction to mint the collection from the chosen wallet. In the Tasks page, clicking the green play button will starting sending a transaction.

Speeding Up

When you start a task, you will use the gwei that is currently set. it is important to note that tasks do not automatically speed up to the current gas but you would need to manually increase the value and click the speed up button.

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